We specialise in campaigns that sit at the nexus of politics and the media. We offer a wide range of public relations and public affairs services but where we get most excited is in combining those disciplines to create powerful unique campaigns that address our clients’ reputation challenges

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Integrated Communications

Public affairs professionals have been slow to harness and integrate social media, digital marketing and mobile innovations into campaign strategy. Drawing on the breadth of our experience, Atlas Partners offers you communications support that spans the political, media and technology landscapes.



  • Public affairs

  • Policy analysis

  • Select Committee training

  • Stakeholder audits

  • Government relations

  • Event management

  • Planning consent

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  • Reputation audits

  • Crisis and issues management

  • Internal communications 

  • Media relations 

  • Media training

  • Social media content production

  • Pay Gap reporting 



  • Media and stakeholder audits

  • Integrated communications

  • Campaign planning

  • Social media analytics and community management

  • Digital strategy and crowd funding 

  • Reputation risk