Brexit is so big and complex, many people take the view that there is little point engaging government on the issue. We'd agree that there is a lot of snake oil peddled on this subject and many thousands of pounds spend on scenario planning, focus groups or position papers that might not be effective. With 27 heads of other member states and 3 European institutions on one side and 25 ministerial departments, 21 non-ministerial departments and 380 agencies and other public bodies on the other, the sheer scale of the negotiations and the implications for those on both sides is fiendish.

Imagine the board game risk, crossed with monopoly and chess, with three tiers of playing field, all three sets of pieces and almost no rules. You can start to see why many corporates are maintain a 'wait and see' and 'hedge where possible' approach rather than actively engaging. However, we'd suggest that quantifying your exposure, activating your trade associations and providing relevant government departments with clear and evidence-based messages about the potential impacts are still vitally important for any business or brand. 

Engaging on Brexit also provides you with a source of intelligence that is one step beyond the insights you can read in the national media. As political nerds, we're obsessively following the latest and would be happy to share our take on some of the big P developments with you and your teams. Below is a selection of our blogs on Brexit, please do get in touch if you want more personalised advice.