Come and work for us…

We are always on the interested in a fresh perspective and a proactive approach. In three years we have grown from two to twelve, with both full time and part time team members. If you like the sound of what we do here at Atlas Partners, please do get in touch with your CV and a covering letter to tell us what you think you might bring to our team.

Putting happiness at the heart of our business model: 

In 2015, we set out to build the happiest communications agency in London. Our mission is to create a brilliant environment, in which our team feels challenged and supported in equal measures to produce powerful communications campaigns for clients.

Putting happiness at the heart of our business isn't fluffy idealism, it’s based on the proven business principle that happy staff are more creative and productive, which means they do great work.

Great work means happy clients, who stay with us in the long term, providing sustainable revenue and a high likelihood of referrals. In our latest annual satisfaction survey, our clients said they were 100% happy with the service our team were delivering. Healthy, long term revenue streams mean we can invest back into the company, training and supporting our staff as their careers develop.

You can read about Ellie's work experience at Atlas and decide whether we live up to our aims in her blog...


Our values: 

To help embed a happy culture as we grow, we’ve identified six key values that underpin the Atlas Partners approach:

  • Brave – We call ourselves professional contrarians because we believe in the power of asking questions and challenging the received wisdom. You have to be brave to think differently. You have to be tenacious and believe in the quality of your work to speak truth to power. We will always encourage our team to be brave, professionally and personally.

  • Creative – Good communications to engage political and media audiences have to be creative to compete in our ever more crowded modern world. We don’t believe you are born creative or not. Creativity needs inspiration, time and space to develop. We will apply practical tips and tricks to make our work more creative.

  • Honest – Transparency and honesty are critical for effective lobbying and authentic communications. Democracy relies on decision makers having access to good quality information about the implications of their policies. Journalists need robust sources they can reply on for stories. Working in a regulated profession means we have to be unapologetically pedantic about the accuracy, timeliness and relevance of all our clients communications to politicians particularly.

  • Empathetic – Emotional intelligence is essential to craft brilliant narratives to engage, persuade or manage crises effectively. Understanding how editors and politicians make decisions, who they listen to and how the system works is also critical for any media or public affairs campaign. In our dealings with clients, journalists, stakeholders and each other we will harness the power of empathy.

  • Open – Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas. We encourage our team to be open to new ways of doing things and new sources of inspiration. Media relations and public affairs also involves working on hotly debated ideas, where an openness to perspectives counter to your own is an essential survival skill. We will always seek to be open to a diversity of ideas, experience and opinion.

  • Collaborative – We want to build a team that is greater than the sum of its parts. We all need to be sensitive to different ways of working, our respective strengths and our own biases and weaknesses. A willingness to collaborate, support each other and learn from colleagues is central to our approach. We will bring people together to unlock our collective potential.