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Government Communications Strategy


Government Communications Strategy

A boutique integrated communications partnership, with more than 30 years of experience in government, in-house and in agencies.


Politics and public policy can have a fundamental impact on business growth and reputation. Understanding how politicians make decisions, who they listen to and how the system works is critical for any public affairs campaign. Atlas Partners can share insights to help you shape the debate and make an impact.

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Story-telling is an ancient human art form that constantly evolves as our media consumption changes. You need to be able to craft brilliant narratives to engage and persuade audiences and to manage crises. Atlas Partners helps clients create content that works for multiple channels to achieve your strategic objectives.

Campaign Strategy. Creative tactics.


Meeting your objectives requires long-term vision as well as tactical creativity. Atlas Partners can help you map the media and political landscape. We'll plan a coherent, integrated communications campaign that gets you from A to B. We provide a fresh perspective based on our first hand experiences working in politics and media.