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Official portrait by Chris McAndrew 

Official portrait by Chris McAndrew 

Donald Trump called women “fat pigs” and “dogs” and just a month before the election was recorded bragging about making uninvited sexual advances. Yet his promise, to Make America Great Again, triumphed over the hopes of those who voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton, to be first female US president.

Why Sir Vince Cable MP chose this moment... 

Politicians and voters of the centre need to unite to fight against extremism and inequality in all their forms, from racism and sexism, to populists blaming “others” for a lack of social mobility. This US president is volatile, dangerous and an apologist for religious and racial hatred, we cannot cosy up and condone his divisiveness.


The scale of the moment...

On 21 January, after Trump took office, the Washington March drew 500,000 people, and 1.4m viewers via facebook live. Worldwide 673 marches took place, on all seven continents, with participation estimated at five million.

Arguably, the election of a president whom many view as misogynistic and backward-thinking has sparked a wholesale resurgence of feminism. His defeat of the first woman who might have been president - coupled with his incendiary comments about women and his divisive policies on reproductive rights and other issues - lit a fire under a movement that had failed to excite younger generations of women who benefited from the battles of the last century and saw no need to keep fighting. Inadvertently and singlehandedly, Trump has galvanized women like no president before him.