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Official portrait by Chris McAndrew

Official portrait by Chris McAndrew

This country has traditionally focused on the sporting achievements of its male participants. This moment highlighted a change. It catapulted women’s sport to the top of the agenda. For cricket enthusiasts this contest will live long in the memory. The game had everything; drama, a close finish and cracking cricket. It was also a significant shift in the status of women’s sport. 

Sporting stereotypes are common place across the industry; stereotypes about women not belonging in the sporting arena; about the qualities of their games being inferior to male only contests. This moment challenged those stereotypes.

Why Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP chose this moment...

“Having long been an avid cricket fan, it was a heart-warming moment when the women's team inched a dramatic victory. Newspapers and broadcasters alike gave it prominence on front pages and bulletins. It marked a fine summer for women's sport and long may the progress continue at international level.”