The Nintendo name was thrust back into the spotlight as augmented reality went mainstream with the launch of PokémonGo. The spectacle of Millennials congregating in random places looking blankly into their phones became a common sight over the summer. But like all good crazes it fizzled out after a while.

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Why Gemma chose this moment...

“Does PokémonGo matter in a world where we seem to be teetering on the brink of nuclear war from one day to the next? Probably not, but it did bring a sprinkling of fun to the very strange year that was 2016 and showed how augmented reality could gain mass appeal.”

Gemma Charles is Deputy Editor of Campaign Magazine

The scale of the moment...

In seven days, PokémonGo had more users than Twitter in the US, peaking at 45 million daily users. One year on it still has 65 million monthly active players.