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In the months and years before the Independent shut up shop, it was clear the industry was struggling, with The Guardian and Telegraph announcing a number of redundancies. However, the Independent was the first print newspaper to go under and the magnitude of the event was felt across the industry.

With the sale of The Independent’s sister publication, i paper – which was launched in 2010 - to Johnston Press, a clear message was sent to fellow print media that, to succeed they would need to change. So, it was a shock when The New Day launched - but was much less of one when it shut down just two months later due to poor sales!

The Independent online currently boasts more than 4 million daily unique browsers and has a strong social media presence. This is a stark contrast to its June 2015 readership which was just below 58,000 – 85% down from its 1990 peak. Based on these numbers, it would seem going digital only, was a move made for the better, so perhaps more publications will make the leap.

The industry is struggling to keep up with an increasingly digital world, and remains true almost two years later. In October this year, Glamour magazine announced it would become a ‘digital first’ publication, and would only produce two print ‘collector's editions’ each year. Time will tell how successful this move will be, but it’s likely it won’t be the last publication to make the move.


Why Sarah chose this moment...

“The media industry is having to fight an uphill battle, and it’s interesting to see how the different outlets choose to fight it. The Independent made a bold decision and it worked out for the best, but the Trinity Mirror missed the mark. So perhaps others should follow in the footsteps of the Independent?”