The poignancy of Beyoncé's political statement is that, only once she reached the stature she has, did she dare to deviate from softer, politically agnostic music. It is perhaps the first time a black woman has not had to fear damaging her career, already safely acknowledged as one of 'the greats'. As a result, she was bold enough to harshly express her experiences and those of the women around her, bringing them to everyone's attention.

Lemonade reminds you that there are still sections of society who are underrepresented and treated unequally. It shouldn't take fame to highlight this. Many people reacted to Beyoncé's message of black pride as if it was an attack on white pride. They're failing to see the underlying message. Beyoncé's visual album hopefully began a conversation among those open-minded enough to listen.


Why Emma chose this moment...

"It is hard to always understand another section of society's struggles, as most knowledge is learned from experience.

I think it's amazing that one album could draw so much attention to the experience of and societal attitudes towards black women."


The scale of the moment...

In the 48hrs following the release of the Lemonade album, there were 4.1 million tweets about Beyoncé and Lemonade, including over 2 million tweets which included a lemon emoji.