Since we launched in November 2015, the worlds of media and politics have experienced momentous change.

Of all those moments, which mattered most?

We asked some of our famous friends for their answers. Visit our Moments that Mattered gallery to see what they said.

We obsessively follow the shifting changes in media, public opinion and our volatile political landscape. As professional contrarians, we debate the importance and impact of moments along the way, to inform the advice we give to our clients.

Some moments are funny, some serious, some seem insignificant at first but gain momentum or, on reflection, represent major turning points. Social feeds and editorial agendas are crowded, so each person has a different view on what matters most. 

The moments gallery reinforces how important sport is to our national psyche, with the power to bring us together. Sir Matthew Pinsent, Olympic rower and broadcaster, Brandon Lewis MP, Minister of State for Immigration, and Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP, Shadow Minister for Sport, all chose uplifting sporting moments.

News moments also have the power to reveal something deeper about our social and cultural attitudes. Afua Hirsch, Broadcaster and writer, Sam Burne James, News Editor of PR Week, and Sophie Walker, Leader of the Women's Equality Party, all chose moments that highlight the struggle for equal acceptance and opportunity, whatever your race or gender, is far from over. 

Moments from Tom Newton Dunn, Political Editor of the Sun, Anushka Asthana, Joint Political Editor of the Guardian, and Caroline Mulcahy MBE, FCO Head of Middle East policy, remind us that politics can fundamentally shift the direction of a country and its national debate. 

We are very grateful to all those who gave their time and thoughts to bring the Moments that Mattered exhibition together. Including Gemma Charles, Deputy Editor of Campaign Magazine, who reminded us that a moment doesn't have to be serious to have global impact.  

We'd love you to join the debate and see the full exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London SW1, on Wednesday 22nd November from 6.30pm - 9pm. Vote for your favourite moment to join us and raise a glass to surviving the last two years together...